Arthur W. Brown Real Wood Furniture Design

Arthur W. Brown is a leader in Real Wood Furniture design. We are headquartered in New York and all of our products are manufactured right here in the United States. We have successfully been marketing our quality products to retailers across the country for 20 years.



We have helped create and design many wall systems to suit the individual needs of our customers. In the Creative Concepts section we display many wall systems which can be used as you see them or as an inspiration to create your own personal designs using an array of AWB products. Remember, most of our products can be modified to accommodate any request. Our selection of products is diversified. From  Entertainment Centers to TV Consoles, from Bookcases to Home Office. If you cannot find a standard size to suit your needs we can help you by providing you with a custom  furniture solution. Custom Bookcases, Custom Cabinets, Custom Wall Units……..Custom Furniture





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